Kingfisher Learning Centre – Private Primary School

  • Kingfisher is a school where students are encouraged to learn in a caring and nurturing environment. Our school’s motto of “Be all that you can be!” is reflected in the behaviour and attitude of students, staff and parents.
  • The size of our school ensures that the principal and teachers develop friendships with each and every child. Children’s strengths are identified and built upon so that the self-esteem and confidence of every pupil is built up.


  • We strive to provide students with innovative programmes that will prepare them for learning well into the 21st century.
  • Kingfisher students are encouraged to show consideration for their family and their peers and respect for all with whom they come in contact. Students develop a high level of responsibility and initiative.


  • Parents are encouraged to participate in the school’s activities and programmes. We have developed a close relationship between the school and the community.
  • Our school is one where students thrive under the guidance of dedicated, professional and genuinely caring staff. We are proud of our school proud of our staff, and proud of the calibre of student that we are producing.


We aim to create a stimulating, caring, happy school in which:

  • Students can realise their academic and creative potential and achieve success at each stage of their education.
  • Curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm for learning are encouraged along with independent and logical thought.
  • Confidence, self-discipline and the ability to communicate effectively are developed.
  • The needs of the individual, the school and the community are respected and appreciated.
  • The personal, moral and spiritual development of each pupil is nurtured.