After Care

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We are a Christian based After Care Centre aiming to assist the teaching staff of the Centre and the parents to prepare our children for an exciting future by equipping them with the necessary skills to become ALL that they can  be and are destined to be.


To treat each other with RESPECT and in a way that I want to be treated.

 Compassion for others

 Take responsibility to assist in your child’s growth and education


  • Christian values are central to this After Care Centre and whilst your child / children are in our care – these values will be the core driver of all activities.
  • According to Deut 6 : 6 – 7 we as parents have a responsibility to teach our kids the values of God.
  • We will strive to teach by Christian principles and to give your child the best and safest environment filled with love.
  • Detailed attention will be given to homework and the neatness there off.


Connecting with parents and building trust is an important aspect of the operating system and to create a successful After Care Centre.  We will only interact with your child / children part of the day and need to fully understand the various techniques used at home, in order to impart a sense of comfort to your child and make sure your child is loved and cared for,  including the necessary assistance with homework, etc.

We will strive  to create a strong and open line of communication. Such as establishing newsletters (email), and reminders for parents (wattsapp group).

Parent involvement is important and we will be here to support and assist where ever possible.


A quality program is based upon a well-planned, consistent and organized operation with a safe, friendly and nurturing environment,  which is exactly what we intend to provide in our After Care Centre.  This includes caring and well-trained staff, parental involvement and lots of fun.!!!

To ensure that we adhere to the above,  we will continually evaluate our performance and improve if and / or where necessary.

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