Dear Parents 

1 September 2020:  Tomorrow is Spring Day.  The learners are welcome to wear their civvies.  Something colorful.  We are celebrating a new season. 

D6 Communication:  Please note that we will no longer be making use of the D6 communicator.  We will continue to communicate with you via WhatsApp’s on the class groups and our newsletters are available on our website –

Annual Levy:   The due date for payment for the annual levy for 2021 was the end of July, thank you to those who have paid.  The fee is discounted by 50% until the end of August (R250.00 per child); after the end of August this discount falls away and the full amount of R500 will be payable.

Text Books and Stationery:

Please remember to return the reply slip sent home last week indicting which options you have   chosen with regards to ordering and payment options for stationery and text books for 2021. No reply slip – no civvies on the 1st of September.


Champions for Change wish list item for this week will toothpastes and toothbrushes. Thank you to those who have already sent items, it is hugely appreciated. Please remember that any previously loved clothes in all sizes are also needed. 

Clothing Orders:

Please remember to place your clothing orders for summer uniform. 

Registration for 2021:  Please remember that registration for 2021 is now open and we have limited space available. We only have space left in Gr R and Gr 1. 

School Times: We have noticed that many learners are arriving late for school.  Learners must be in class ready to start working comfortably before 07h30. Demerits will be issued from tomorrow for late comers. 

Reports Term 2:  Reports will be sent out tomorrow, 1 September.  We experienced a huge problem with SASAMS but we trust that the issues have been sorted out.  Should you wish to see a teacher regarding your child’s report, please contact the office to set up a meeting.  

Children’s behaviour:  Please have a chat to your children regarding nasty remarks going around in the classroom.  Every child deserves respect from their class mates.  At Kingfisher we don’t tolerate bullying and one warning will be issued where after the parents will be called in to assist.   

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