1. All language –
    a. Red Adventure books
    b. Revision activities
  2. Comprehension skills
  3. Literature – Set work book
    a. Characters
    b. Settings
    c. Plot – story line
    d. Themes
  4. Writing
    a. Stories
    b. Letters
    c. Dialogues
    d. Adverts
  5. All spelling lists as these cover all the language concepts that learners need to know i.e.
    Meervoude Verkleinwoorde voornaamwoorde
    Antonieme sinonieme voorstetsels
    Trappe van vergelyking Korrekte vorm byvoeglike naamwoorde
    Geslagte teenoorgesteldes intensiewe vorm
    Afkortings samestellings afleidings
  6. Know how to do:
    Verlede tyd voegwoorde ontkennende vorm
    Lydende vorm indirekte rede direkte rede
    Toekomende tyd hulpwerkwoorde
  7. Creative writing – write a paragraph.

Maths 1:
Numbers (odd, even, from, between) Multiplication
Expanded Notation Division (short and long)
Number patterns Time
Biggest to smallest Common Fractions (add, subtract,
Place and number value equivalent, compare, parts of a whole)
Write as a number Doubling and halving of numbers
Value of underlined digit Decimal fractions
Addition Money
Subtraction BODMAS
Rounding off (10,100,1 000)
Compare numbers (><=)
Maths 2
Graphs, data, tallies Different view of objects
Identify 2-D and 3-D shapes Perimeter
Draw 2-D shapes Area
3-D shapes: faces, vertices, edges Volume
Symmetry Grid reference
Mirror image Probability
Mass Direction
Life Skills
Road signs Worksheet completed in workbook
Dealing with conflict page 16-17
Bullying page 60 – 61
Children’s rights and responsibilities page 64 – 65
Term 3 page 96-111
Term 4 page 142-157
Arts and culture:
What to study:

  1. Colour wheel
  2. Warm and cool colours
  3. Art elements
  4. Design principles
    What to bring:
    Blue pens, HB pencils, Coloured pencils, Eraser, Sharpener, Ruler
    Please note to bring all your stationary for this exam because you will not be allowed to share.
    Social Science
    Provinces and capitals pg. 36
    Map skills pg. 22-29
    Compass points pg. 33
    7 continents of the world pg. 41
    Ways of farming pg. 50-58
    Water as a resource pg. 68-79
    How water reaches our taps pg. 77
    Transport water, land and air pg. 116-138
    Communication pg. 140-155

Natural Science Gr4- November 2020 *you don’t need to know the activities.
7 life process pg. 5-6
Living and non-living pg. 2-3
Energy and change (input and output) pg. 132-146
Musical instruments pg. 154-156
3 types of instruments pg. 157-159
Energy and sound pg. 174-186
Diagram of the ear pg. 179
Planet Earth pg. 192-202
The Sun is the center of the solar system pg. 215-221
The moon pg. 223-229
Rocket systems pg. 235-243

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