1. All language –

a. Red Adventure books

b. Revision activities

  • Comprehension skills
  • Literature – Set work book
  • Characters
  • Settings
  • Plot – story line
  • Themes
  • Writing
    • Stories
    • Letters
    • Dialogues
    • Adverts


  1. All spelling lists as these cover all the language concepts that learners need to know i.e.

Meervoude                                        Verkleinwoorde                    voornaamwoorde

Antonieme                                        sinonieme                             voorstetsels

Trappe van vergelyking                  Korrekte vorm                       byvoeglike naamwoorde

Geslagte                                            teenoorgesteldes                 intensiewe vorm

Afkortings                                          samestellings                        afleidings

  • Know how to do:

Verlede tyd                                        voegwoorde                          ontkennende vorm

Lydende vorm                                   indirekte rede                        direkte rede

Toekomende tyd                              hulpwerkwoorde

  • Idioms – learn all 5
  • Creative writing – write a letter, know the correct format.

Maths 1:

Whole and natural numbers                                  Multiplication

Expanded notation                                                  Division

Ascending and descending order                         Time (also addition and subtraction of time)

Multiples and factors                                               Common fractions (add, subtract, simplify,

Equivalent, compare, improper to mixed, vice versa)

Place and number value                                        Decimal fractions

Write as a number                                                   Multiply decimals by 10,100 and 1 000

Compare numbers (> < =)                                      money (also profit and loss)

Ratio and rate                                                           Addition

Subtraction                                                               Rounding off (5, 10, 100, 1 000)

Maths 2:

Graphs, data                                                             Ratio

Identify 2 – D and 3 – D shapes                            Perimeter

Draw 2-D shapes and 3-D shapes                       Area

3D shapes: faces, vertices, edges                        volume

Symmetry                                                                  Probability

Mass                                                                           Temperature

Length                                                                       Enlarge and reduce shapes

Capacity                                                                    Grid references

Life Skills:

Giving and receiving feedback                  pages 8 -9

Coping with emotions                                pages 12 – 13

Discrimination, stereotype and bias          pages 50-51

Dealing with violent situations                   pages 58-59

Term 3 work                                                  pages 96 – 111

Term 4 work                                                  pages 142 – 153

Arts and culture:

  1. Colour wheel
  2. Warm and cool colours
  3. Art elements
  4. Design principles

What to bring:

Blue pens, HB pencils, Coloured pencils, Eraser, Sharpener , Ruler,

Please note to bring all your stationary for this exam because you will not be allowed to share.                                                                        

Social Science

8 points of the compass, equator position, 7 continents, countries and neighboring countries pgs. 4-8

Weather, climate and vegetation pg. 44-47

Wind, weather maps and daily lives of people pg.50-53

Difference between climate and weather pg. 59

Natural vegetation pg. 63-67

Mining and the environment pg. 78-82


Ancient Egyptian society pgs. 130-145

Heritage trail through the provinces of South Africa pgs. 149-161

Natural Science gr5- November 2020

Energy and change- Fuel pg. 129-131

Burning fuels pg. 136

Help, there’s a fire mind map pg. 145

Energy and electricity pg. 148-154

Safety with Electricity pg. 156-159

Elastics and springs pg. 163-164 &168

Planet Earth- the Earth moves pg. 193-194

Movement of Earth pg. 196-198

Surface of the Earth pg. 201-206

Soil types pg. 208-209

Sedimentary rocks pg. 219-220

Types of sedimentary pg. 225-227

Fossils pg. 232-234

*you don’t need to know the activities.

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