Dear Parents   

Bullying: Kingfisher Learning Centre has a strict No Bullying policy. We have become aware of situations in come of the classes; if your child is found, after investigation, to be bullying others he or she will be suspended for 2 days.

Charity:  Wish list items for FORA this week are cleaning products such as pine gel and bleach.

Clothing Orders: Uniform orders have been placed with our suppliers.  Next order date is 15 March.

Labels:  Please label your child’s belongings, lunch boxes and clothing, so that if we find lost property, we can return it to the rightful owner immediately.  There is no way that we can assist you if your child’s items are not marked.

Extra classes.  Classes for grade 4 to 7 have started and are as follows;

Monday – Afrikaans

Tuesday – Maths

Wednesday – English

Please note that the classes are free of charge and open to all grade 4 to 7 learners. 

Learners who need extra assistance will be advised by the teachers if they must attend class. 

Hearing Screening:  On Friday 5 March, audiologists from Hearcare plus will be coming to the school to do basic hearing screening, the cost will be R100 per child and is payable before 3 March. Forms attached.

Change in School times: School times are now 07h25 to 13h30 Monday to Thursday and 07h25 to 12h00 on a Friday; it is important that your child is at school comfortably before this time.  Please allow time for COVID-19 screening and for your child to get to his/her classroom.

Transport: Please remember that the transport service is running. We have started off with areas close to the school such as Horison, Discovery, Florida Park, Roodepoort North for enquiries, please contact the school.

If any of your contact information changes kindly email Janine in the office. It is imperative that we always have the correct details, including an alternate number should we not be able to reach you.

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