Dear Parents   

Charity:  Wish list item for Fora this week is any old towels or blankets.

Extra classes.  There are no extra classes this week – they will resume next term.

Boxing & Ball-A-Rama. Boxing lessons for foundation phase will now be on a Wednesday, and Ball-a-Rama on a Thursday.

Our Ball-a-Rama coach advised us that there was an error on the application form.  Ball -a-Rama is R200 per month, not per session.

Term Dates: Next Friday 19 March is the last day of term, school will finish at 12h00- School re opens on 13 April.

Fun Walk and Funky Mask Day:  On Friday 19 March we will be having a fun walk, in the vicinity of the school, as soon as the route is confirmed you will be advised and an indemnity form will be sent. It will also be “Funky mask day” learners can decorate their masks. 

If any of your contact information changes kindly email Janine in the office. It is imperative that we always have the correct details, including an alternate number should we not be able to reach you.

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