How we got started.

Kingfisher Learning Centre was founded in 2004, it started operation from a home in Kingfisher Street in Horizon Park, hence the name Kingfisher Learning Centre

Grades 1 to 3 were taught, catering for children who needed or preferred a small classroom environment. By 2005 it was necessary to move to larger premises and register with the Gauteng Department of Education, this process was completed by the end of 2008.

Over the years the school has grown to accommodate learners from grade R to 7 and enrolment is currently over 95 learners.

Kingfisher Learning Centre follows the CAPS curriculum as well as extending the learning experience in all areas.  The classes are kept small, so individual attention is continuously given.



To provide the opportunity for children with various learning styles to be educated in a safe, caring environment which supports emotional, physical and intellectual development.


To allow and encourage children to be all that they can be.

To provide opportunities for children with various learning styles to achieve an education of high standards.


1.To promote individuality and self-belief.

2. To create an environment in which learning will be exciting and fun.

3. To develop inter-personal relationships.

4. To inspire learners to live according to their own set of values & therefore take responsibility for      their own actions in the community.

5. To treat others with love and respect.

6. To be well mannered individuals at school, at home and in society.

7. We also have a strict ANTI-BULLYING POLICY!

Please note that although our classes are small, we are a mainstream school, should your child need remedial assistance we will gladly refer you to other schools.

We aim to create a stimulating, caring, happy school in which:

•  Students can realise their academic and creative potential and achieve success at each stage of their education.

• Curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm for learning are encouraged along with independent and logical thought.

• Confidence, self-discipline and the ability to communicate effectively are developed.

• The needs of the individual, the school and the community are respected and appreciated.

• The personal, moral and spiritual development of each pupil is nurtured.

• Kingfisher is a school where students are encouraged to learn in a caring and nurturing environment. Our school’s motto of “Be all that you can be!” is reflected in the behaviour and attitude of students, staff and parents.

• The size of our school ensures that the principal and teachers develop friendships with every child. Children’s strengths are identified and built upon so that the self-esteem and confidence of every pupil is built up.

• We strive to provide students with innovative programmes that will prepare them for learning well into the 21st century.

• Kingfisher students are encouraged to show consideration for their family and their peers and respect for all with whom they come in contact. Students develop a high level of responsibility and initiative.

• Parents are encouraged to participate in the school’s activities and programmes. We have developed a close relationship between the school and the community.

•  Our school is one where students thrive under the guidance of dedicated, professional and genuinely caring staff. We are proud of our school, proud of our staff, and proud of the calibre of student that we are producing.


The curriculum and planning are governed by the following:

  • Registration with the Department of Education
  • Fully CAPS compliant.
  • Providing content rich curriculum.
  • Developing an ethic of hard work.
  • Preparing learners so that they can achieve their potential.
  • Ensuring that learners develop academic and moral strength.

We are fully equipped for our learners to seemlesly work from home through Microsoft Teams, in case of lock down


Extra murals offered are Karate, Ball-a-Rama, Dancing, Private piano lessons, all activities are presented by external companies and are NOT included in school fees. Payment is handled directly through the company offering the activity

Grade 1 to 3:              Ball-a-Rama

Grade 2 to 7:               Dancing (gr 4-7)

All:                               Piano lessons; Karate, Little Green Chefs


  • Throughout the year we support various charities such as local animal welfare organizations, soup kitchens and old age homes by donations of items they need. The charity wish list is displayed and learners are encouraged to bring an item per week.


School uniform is only available through the school

  • Summer uniform is a turquoise golf shirt,boys wear navy blue school shorts; girls wear a skort or short (only available through the school).
  • Grade R  Navy blue golf shirt
  • For cold days hooded tops, polar fleece jackets and drimacs are available – all items are embroidered with the school logo.
  • Learners may wear their Kingfisher Tracksuit on cold days.
  • Winter uniform consists of a navy blue long sleeve shirt, and school tracksuit; hooded tops, polar fleece jackets an drimacs. A winter lined drimac is also available, as well as beanies and scarves; all items are embroidered with the school logo.
  • Black or white tekkies or black school shoes with white socks


A completed application form must be submitted to the school together with the following:

  1. Parents’/Guardians’ ID documents
  2. Guardianship if necessary as deemed by South African law.
  3. A proof of residence no older than 3 months
  4. Copy of the child’s latest school report (not relevant for Gr R and 1)
  5. The child’s birth certificate.
  6. Clinic/Immunisation card.
  7. Learners may be required to do basic diagnostic testing in English, Afrikaans and Mathematics.
  8. School policy and rules must be read and understood by parents and child.
  9. Please arrange the transfer card from your child’s previous school.
  10. Copies of any professional report e.g. occupational therapy, IQ evaluation, speech therapy (if applicable).
  11. Proof of income; either 3 months pay slips, if self employed 3 months bank statements

Financial Clearance Certificate from previous school.